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JELD-WEN Sustainability

Our goal is to be the industry leader in environmentally responsible practices and products and to conduct our business in a manner that is environmentally sustainable, which demonstrates environmental stewardship and will provide our customers with environmentally beneficial products. To this end, we will pursue processes that are designed to responsibly manage resources, maximize efficient utilization of energy and materials, minimize waste and we will provide our customers with long-lasting, “green” products that provide excellent performance.

Responsible Management of Forest Resources

Wood is a durable, versatile and beautiful material that has been used for building for centuries. It is non-toxic, recyclable and its growth and replanting removes carbon dioxide from the environment. It has a multitude of uses. For construction purposes, it is the only fully sustainable resource. We encourage our suppliers to manage forests consistent with sustainable, renewable forest practices, and watershed and wildlife habitat protection. Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to be able to meet their needs. We recognise that our future success in wood products manufacturing is dependent upon responsible and sustainable forest management.

Reducing Our “Carbon Footprint” and Increasing Energy Efficiency of Our Operations

Part of being good stewards of the environment also involves designing and constructing our buildings and production processes to use as little energy as possible. For example, we presently generate heat from the burning of wood waste, to drive our production processes. We will strive to reduce the amount of energy we as a company are required to purchase to operate our plants and offices, and emphasize efficient use of energy and natural resources throughout our operations.

Long-Lasting Products to Reduce Waste

Our long-lasting products and industry-leading warranties mean fewer replacements are needed during the lifetime of doors. The positive benefits to the customer and the environment are significant, including fewer deliveries and reduced fuel costs for manufacturing and distribution, as well as greatly reduced waste (i.e. longer lasting products reduce additions to landfills and energy consumption required to make replacement products).

Green Building

In a green building, the materials, design methods and construction techniques are carefully reviewed for their environmental impact. Initially focused on commercial building, sustainable design elements are now being incorporated into residential projects. In addition, we know that our customers are increasingly demanding green products for their homes, whether they are remodeling or building a new home and it is our goal to provide them with those products. It is clearly in our interest, our customers’ interest and the industry’s interest to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in more energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings. To this end, we will continue to participate in the development and implementation of Green Building certification programs that promote credible and practical green building approaches for residential and commercial construction products. In this regard, we can manufacture certain products that contain Forest Stewardship Council®* (FSC®) rated materials that will comply to the MAT (Material Selection Criteria, in terms of materials used) and IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) standards of the Green Building Council and therefore contribute to credit points for Green Star Rating of a building project. FSC® promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests and we strive to utilise suppliers who adhere to these practices in their harvest and replanting operations.

*FSC licence code (FSC-C015246)