Balmoral PBAL BF 4G

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Glass Options
  • Clear
  • Grey Translucent
    Grey Translucent
  • Obscure
  • Rice Paper
    Rice Paper
  • Rose Jewel Bifold
    Rose Jewel Bifold
  • Translucent

Restrained, simple designs that will complement most home styles, Balmoral doors feature deep carved patterns on both sides with square corner routing. Matching bi-folds add to their versatility. Doors with glass are solid construction while non-glass doors feature CoriTech core. They come pre-primed ready for painting.

Constructionyour selection
Solid MDF
Routered both faces
Rails (top) 
Rails (bottom) 
For Painting
Primed Faces
Weight (average) 

Along with innovation and design, one of the great strengths of Corinthian Doors is our flexibility. Whilst our standard sizing will cater for most homes, Corinthian can also provide doors to those homes that require custom made solutions to fit specific sizing requirements. We really do have a door for everyone.

For the Balmoral bi-fold range our standard sizing is listed below.

As Set

  • 2015 x 720 x 35
  • 2015 x 770 x 35
  • 2015 x 820 x 35

As Non Hinged Pair

  • 2015 x 720 x 35
  • 2015 x 770 x 35
  • 2015 x 820 x 35