Impressions Rockport ROC

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You can make a great impression with these affordable doors. Whether you’re looking for the detailed appearance of woodgrain or the more subtle look that our smooth skin designs offer, the Impressions range has it. There’s even matching bi-folds. Bi-folds are an ideal way of closing off rooms or saving on space. Impressions doors are non-solid construction and pre-primed ready to paint.

Constructionyour selection
Skin Species/Material
Smooth Skin
Woodgrain Skin 
Rails (top) 
Rails (bottom) 
For painting
Primed Faces
Weight (average) 
Acoustic Rating (Honeycomb Core & Solid Infill)Rw 24, STC 24
Acoustic Rating (Honeycomb Core & Clear & Translucent Glass)Rw 26, STC 26
Acoustic Rating (Solid Core & Solid Infill)Rw 28, STC 28
Acoustic Rating (Solid Core & Clear & Translucent Glass)Rw 30, STC 30

Along with innovation and design, one of the great strengths of Corinthian Doors is our flexibility. Whilst our standard sizing will cater for most homes, Corinthian can also provide doors to those homes that require custom made solutions to fit specific sizing requirements. We really do have a door for everyone.

For the Impressions range our standard sizing is listed below.

  • 2040 x 620 x 35
  • 2040 x 720 x 35
  • 2040 x 770 x 35
  • 2040 x 820 x 35
  • 2040 x 870 x 35